About Village Boy

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Our second app on the lot, this featured you as a village boy roaming around a village and picking up kpof-kpof, a delicious Nigerian food along the way. However, your task is not an easy one as the village men pursue you on sight and you have to outwit them. You must also avoid touching houses as they possess juju, African black magic and can drag you in and kill you.

Devices suited for Village Boy

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Village Boy is suitable for Java phones (J2ME devices). It was built on CLDC 1.0, making it playable on older and newer J2ME devices.

How to play Village Boy

You start at the top of the stage. Make your way downwards, carefully avoiding the huts and the village men. Try picking all the kpof kpofs (represented by blue or yellow ovals). However they can only be picked when they are yellow, which is their normal colour. If you pick them when they turn blue, you are returned to where you started from. There is however a talisman (represented by a brown star, like in the screenshot) which when picked, gives you the power to pick up kpof kpofs whether blue or yellow. Every stage has an alloted number of kpof kpofs you can pick before leaving it. These are
Stage1 - 4, Stage2 - 5, Stage3 - 6, Stage4 - 7, Stage5 - 8, Stage6 - 9, Stage7 - 10.
All instructions contained for this game are in the Instructions page of the game.

How to get Village Boy

Click here to find out how to download Village Boy to your phone from your own country of residence.


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