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Vie for the championship in this punch out thriller. Take on the baddest of fighters and punch your way to fame and fortune. Use jabs to weaken your opponent and consecutive swings will bring him down. You can block jabs from your opponent but can not block swings. If you are jabbed repeatedly by your opponent, your boxer becomes weak and unresponsive to your commands, so make sure to block them.

A game is won by knocking your opponent down so that he cannot get up during the referee count, or by knocking him down three times, or by getting higher points than your oponent before the countdown timer runs out.

Main features in Naija Boxing 3D

Here are the main features in Naija Boxing 3D:

3D Environment. The game takes place in a 3D environment with a rotating camera so you can see any part of your fight properly. You can stop the camera rotating simply by tapping on any part of the game screen where no button is located.

Simple Controls. Buttons are located on either side of the screen.

Voice control. In Naija Boxing, you can use your voice to control your boxer. Unlike the traditional voice recognition, the app requires you to record what you say that triggers off an action. To record to an action, tap the Add?edit Voice Commands menu when the app is opened. During gameplay, activate voice mode by tapping on the Score area just below the boxers. Then say what you recorded against any action to trigger the action. If the recognition does not work, adjust the Voice matching ratio slider found in the Settings menu.

Naija Boxing 3D can be downloaded from Google Play, Amazon appstore and Opera Media Store

Adjusting your Settings

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To adjust the turn sensitivity settings or sound volume, simply select the Settings menu found on your main menu. You will see the sliders associated with your turn sensitivity or sound volume. Adjust them to suit your preference.


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