The JaySoftSIMBackup

This app is a nifty app to backup all contacts and reminders that have been stored on your phone to files. These files can be transferred to to other safe, secure locations and can be retrieved in case of loss

Advantages of JaySoft SIM Backup Utility over other Backup systems

Most phones have their traditional backup systems as well as most of the network providers. However, most of those that loose their phones do not often replace them with the same kind of phones they had before, producing conflicting backup types.

Major advantages

  • --Works well with a wide variety of phones including blackberries.
  • --It is also very quick and easy to use.
  • --Backup of not only contacts but reminders as well
  • --Once backed up, one has the privilege of storing backed up files where he/she sees fit. However for easy accessibility, we recommend storing them on our server (only available via our mobile site at
  • --Can be used as frequently as possible so that contact information is up to date and still back them up on our servers at little or no cost.
  • --Backs up SIM contacts as well as phone contacts.
  • --Usable no matter what network you belong to.
  • --Can be used to transfer groups of contacts to another phone.
  • --Contains info about our other products.
  • --Cost less than the network back up systems.

How to get the JaySoftSIMBackup

JaySoftSIMBackup is available on most of the popular stores as a free download. These include Blackberry AppWorld, Google Play Store, Amazon app store, Opera Media Store and Mobogenie


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