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In Ghost Buster 3D you are a ghost that must hunt down other ghosts and gather their energy you need to survive. You are armed with an EMP weapon and that draws on your energy whenever it is fired. Thus it is important to be accurate when shooting at the ghosts as otherwise you'd consume your energy and be destroyed.

Main features in Ghost Buster 3D

Here are the main features in Ghost Buster 3D:

Point and Shoot Gameplay. The gameplay is very simple, you are in a maze along with ghosts and you must find and destroy them with your EMP weapon. Since you are a ghost too you can go through walls to "surprise" them.

3D Environment. The game takes place in a 3D environment and you are seeing the scene from a first-person view angle. You also see a 2D map on your screen with ghost positions.

Game Maps. To ease up the ghost hunting you have a map shown at all times with the position of the ghosts and your current location. Pretty useful since ghosts can hurt you through the walls as well. 

Simple Controls. You can move your ghost with a control pad in all 4 directions and shoot your EMP gun using the right-side action button. If you want your character to move faster you can increase the Turn Sensitivity from Settings.

Energy Shield. Your gun is powered by an energy generator which can be recharged by destroying other ghosts. Everytime you're hurt though, your energy bar goes down to the point where you are destroyed. Ghost Buster 3D is available for free on Google Play

Ghost Buster 3D can be downloaded from Google Play, Amazon appstore and Opera Media Store

Adjusting your Settings

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To adjust the turn sensitivity settings or sound volume, simply select the Settings menu found on your main menu. You will see the sliders associated with your turn sensitivity or sound volume. Adjust them to suit your preference.


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