About Borlas' Turf

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Territory domination rules in this simple fast paced title. You are Mr. Borlas, out to claim terrritory for yourself but there are others who will try their best to stop you.


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Simply walk into all those structures and replace the existing logos with the Borlas logo. You'll lose a life if any of the men gets you.

How to play Borlas' Turf

Use the direction keys to move around, making sure that you change the logos and avoid contact with the enemies along the way. You get an extra life for finishing a stage successfully, which can only be done by replacing all the logos successfully.

Devices suited for Borlas' Turf

Borlas is suitable for Java phones (J2ME devices). It was built on CLDC 1.0, making it playable on older and newer J2ME devices.

How to get Borlas Turf

Borlas' Turf is available on the Opera Media Store for free


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