About Balloon Fiesta

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In Balloon Fiesta 3D you are armed with a dart gun. You are to blast all those balloons floating up from holes in the ground. You are to make sure that no balloon escapes your reach and gets to the ceiling, because you lose points if you do so. You have an allotted number of balloons to shoot per stage and also an allotted number of balloons which if you let escape, will cause you to repeat the stage.

Main features in Balloon Fiesta 3D

Here are the main features in Balloon Fiesta 3D:

Point and Shoot Gameplay. The gameplay is very simple, drag you screen to take aim at the balloons and shoot them. Watch out for the bonus balloons as they make your work easier.

3D Environment. The game takes place in a 3D environment and you are seeing the scene from a first-person view angle.

Ballon Fiesta 3D can be downloaded from Google Play, Amazon appstore or Opera Media Store

Adjusting your Settings

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To adjust the turn sensitivity settings or sound volume, simply select the Settings menu found on your main menu. You will see the sliders associated with your turn sensitivity or sound volume. Adjust them to suit your preference.


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