About Baba Naija 3D: The Caretaker

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This three dimensional game, features you as Babanaija, a caretaker, charged with the responsibility of moving around and collecting rent money from tenants. You are to move about from house to house and meet the tenants to collect money from them. However this is not so easy as the tenants, even policemen run on sighting you. It will take tremendous patience on your part, coupled with a little aggressiveness to fulfill your mission. Even on starting the game, you will probably meet with power failure and will have to manouver in the dark to your door or wait for the power to come back on.

Features of Baba Naija 3D

The exciting features that can be found in BabaNaija3D include

  • Four saved game slots for game saving.
  • All messages in English and subtitled in pidgin English.
  • Sounds that turn sinister when inside a house that is not yours.
  • Transparent maps that allow movement while viewing character positions.
  • Camera positioning allowing you to view different areas of the game at the touch of a button.
  • Scrolling messages that allow for easy reading.
  • Stages created as days with options for night time movement
  • Incessant and ransom blackouts corresponding to light situations we find back home.
  • Objects and services that have to be bought with some that work and those that don't


Devices for Baba Naija 3D

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The app was designed for J2ME devices. However, because of the 3D API on which it was designed, it might not work on very old Java phones. It will only work on MIDP 2.0 compatible devices and higher.

Starting the game

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After selecting the game in your phone and the game loads, a main menu appears and at the top of that menu is New Game (as shown in screenshot). For some phones, selecting that menu item and hitting the Action button is sufficient to start the game. However on some other phones, we find that you have to use Key 5 to start the game. This also means that for selecting most of the options on menus within the game, you still have to use Key 5 and not the Enter or Action key.

Collect money from someone

Move towards the particular person in question. When you get close enough, the Action indicator shows on the screen. When you see it, quickly press your Action or Enter key on your phone (just the same as if the person was a door). The amount of money shown on your screen will be incremented following a successful "Action" on the person concerned.

Opening doors

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Move towards the particular door in question. The Action indicator will appear when you are close to it (as illustrated in pic). When you see the Action indicator on, just press your Enter button on your phone. If a door does not open, it probably means that you do not have the key to open that door.

Viewing Inventory

Your inventory is simply a list of goods or services that you have bought. It is possible to pay someone for something that you have already bought before and there is no rule that says he or she can't still collect money from you. So to view what you have, simply press the # or hash key of your phone

Using Staff files

This is one of the options that you can pay for but as usual, you will have to find who offers them. These files simply contain information on who the tenants or the people you are supposed to be collecting money from are, as well as their times of movement and finally what they have in their inventory. When bought, to turn on and flip through the files, keep press Key 7.

Using protection

This is one of the services that you can purchase. Normally if you enter into a house that is not your own, for every ten minutes that you remain in it, you lose N100. However paying for protection ensures that that does not happen. You can pay for protection for a single day or Protection for three days.

Using spycams

Generally used for spying on people, these cams can be bought from one of the people in the game but we are not going to tell you who. You'll have to find that out for yourself. The whole thing consists of six cameras and a mobile viewing unit. After buying them, you also have to pay for what we call Placing of Spycams. This service is not available from the person who you buy the spycams from. You'll have to find out who offers this service in his inventory. After this two things have been purchased, once the person that you have paid for his services in placing the spycams enters a house, you press Key 9. A cam will be placed directly over where the person is standing. Note that you cannot place spycams when that person is outside. You will see a confirmatory message across the bottom of your screen showing that the Cam has been placed successfully. Usually, this person moves from house to house so you will either have to trail him or buy an updated map from someone so that you can see his position at any time.

Saving your game

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To save your game, select the Options menu (in other phones, this menu shows up as Menu). It might show up on you left or right softkey, depending on what phone you are using. Selecting this brings out two submenus; Pause and Save. Select the Save option. If you have never saved before, then you will see a mesage scrolling across the bottom of your screen "Saved > SavedGames". This happens four the first four saves that you do. However, saving for a fifth and other consecutive saves brings out a menu for you to select which SavedGame to overwrite.

Loading a saved game

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When you start up the game and the main menu appears, the second option on it is Load Saved Game. Select it by hitting the Enter or Action key (Try Key 5 if the Action or Enter key does not work, but remember that throughout the game, you will have to use Key 5 to select menu items). A list of SavedGames will appear. We have created four slots for Saved Games. Simply pick one out and hit your Action or Enter key (or try Key 5). Your saved game is now loaded.


Your major objective is to collect money from the tenants. The amount is N500 per day. The days are the equivalent of your stages. If you do not collect money from one of the tenants today, by the next day, when you catch up with him or her, the money collected is the total of today's money + yesterday's money. It is cumulative.

You can also use money to buy things or services that you think will be of value to you.

Also, some products or services that you buy work while some others do not work. Try to find out those that work. That's part of the fun!!

How to get Baba Naija 3D

Click here to find out how to download Babanaija to your phone from your own country of residence.

Game controls

* key Turn On or Off your Default Map or Updated map, if it has been bought.
# key Your Inventory showing a list of items paid for
9 key To place spy cams in place or if all have been successfully placed, to view the different cams.
Action key To open doors or perform actions on people.
7 key Turn on or off or flip through your staff file (if it has been bought)
Forward key (or key 2) To move forward
Backward key (or key 8) To move backward
Left key (or key 4) To turn left
Right key (or Key 6) To turn right
0 key(zero key) For backing out of walls or doors that you are stuck in (Forgive our programmers)



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