About Baba Naija

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Our first mobile game app, Baba Naija features you as Baba Naija in some highly evasive action taking to prvent getting hurt and trying to get through the stages of the game


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First pick all the coins, then get up to the topmost ladder, then climb up it to complete a stage. You will not be able to leave any stage until all coins are picked

How to play Baba Naija

You start at the bottom of the stage. Use the direction keys to move towards the ladders, making sure that you pick the coins and dodge the birds (by pressing the down arrow key or key 8) along the way. Once you get to a ladder, press your up arrow key or key 2 on your phone to climb up it or press downward key or key 8 to go down it. You get an extra life for finishing a stage successfully, which can only be done by picking all the coins, dodging the birds and climbing the last ladder at the top level of the stage.

Devices suited for Baba Naija

Baba Naija is suitable for Java phones (J2ME devices). It was built on CLDC 1.0, making it playable on older and newer J2ME devices.

How to get Baba Naija

Click here to find out how to download Babanaija to your phone from your own country of residence.


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