About Repel Aliens 3D

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Aliens have filled the skies, the skies have turned red as the aliens are threatening to overtake mankind in one of the greatest battles humankind has ever faced. Now they seek to drop to the planet's surface. It is up to you, mankind's last hope to ensure this does not happen.


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Blast all those aliens droppinng from the skies and ensure that none reaches the planet's surface. You loose points if any does.

How to play Repel Aliens 3D

Use the direction keys to aim at the aliens, and your enter key to shoot.

Devices suited for Repel Aliens 3D

Repel Aliens 3D is suitable for Java phones (J2ME devices). Built on CLDC 1.1, it is suitable for older and newer J2ME devices.

How to get Repel Aliens 3D

Repel Aliens 3D is available on the Opera Media Store for free


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