About Morbid Zone 3D

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It's hell out there, the zombies have overrun the planet. It is your job to survive them. Armed with a gun, blast your way through them and just make it to the safe zone indicated on your map by a green cross. There are three strains on zombies observed out there. First are the yellows who deliver a powerful punch when they get close to you, second are the reds who cand deliver kicks twice as powerful and the blues who smell at a farther distance than any of the other two zombies.


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Blast those zombies and get to the safe zone labelled on your map by a green cross

How to play Morbid Zone 3D

Use the up and down direction keys to move forward and backwards. Use key 1 on your phone to switch the up and down direction keys to aim at the zombies, and your enter key to shoot. Use key 7 and key 9 to sidestep left and right respectively.

Devices suited for Morbid Zone 3D

Morbid Zone 3D is suitable for Java phones (J2ME devices). Built on CLDC 1.1, it is suitable for older and newer J2ME devices.

How to get Morbid Zone 3D

Morbid Zone 3D is available on the Opera Media Store for free


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