About Alien Hunt 3D

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The aliens have overrun the planet and have taken residence of several homes. It is your job to flush them. Blast them all and leave none alive.


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Reclaim those houses from the aliens and blast every alien you find in them. Use your map to guide you to their positions.

How to play Alien Hunt 3D

Use the up and down direction keys to move forward and backwards. Use key 1 on your phone to switch the up and down direction keys to aim at the zombies, and your enter key to shoot. Use key 7 and key 9 to sidestep left and right respectively.

Devices suited for Alien Hunt 3D

Alien Hunt 3D is suitable for Java phones (J2ME devices). Built on CLDC 1.1, it is suitable for older and newer J2ME devices.

How to get Alien Hunt 3D

Alien Hunt 3D is available on Google Play, Amazon appstore, Blackberry App World and the Opera Media Store for free


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