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Download and play any of our android games and you stand the chance of getting the naira equivalent of the points that you get while playing paid to you at the end of the month.

Ghost Buster 3D

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Naija Boxing 3D_

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Balloon Fiesta 3D

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More Details

For the year 2016, we are going to be paying the top twenty players with the highest cumulative scores in any one of our Android games with the naira value of their cumulative scores every month. The cumulative score of any player is simply the sum total of all the scores obtained while playing any of our games (see the game pages for details on how to check your cumulative scores).

This is subject to the following conditions.

1. For payment to be made to winners on any game, that particular game must have up to a million downloads in Google Play Store. However, our servers will be recording scores whether the benchmark has been reached or not and you can still view the top twenty scores for the month (click on the View top twenty scores above for the game in question). The very month that one of our four app downloads reaches a million, payment will be made to the top twenty scorers for that particular game at that month end and subsequent months. Our servers display only the scores, but no other information till the end of the month when it displays the winning scores with the winners' names. To know whether your scores fall within the winning category, simply check your cumulative scores, then match against the winning scores. If your score falls within the first winning score and the last winning score, then make sure you continue playing because you'll be one of our winners by the end of the month.

2. Players must register their apps to be able to participate (check the page for the game you are interested in for more details). Registering your copy of the app creates an account for you on this site and registers your game against this account. This ensures that the scores you get will be properly monitored by our servers. If you download two or more of our games, during registration, clicking No when asked if you have registered on jaysoftnigeria.com for the first game gives you a full registration form to fill (check Registering Your App on the game pages listed above). An email will be sent to your email with your registration details. Use this details when registering other apps.

3. While playing any particular game, your internet connection must be left on. This is to because your game points will be tracked by our servers, and switching off your internet connection while playing will isolate your game from our servers. If you play without your internet connection left on, your points will not be stored on our servers and you will not be eligible for any reward because our servers will produce a list of winners from the scores that it has properly tracked and recorded. If network problems are encountered, save your game and exit and wait for the network issue to be cleared up since the game will be reset if it is not in contact with our servers.

4. Points are usually stored on our servers on completion of any stage of the games. While playing, prompts will appear letting you know when your points are being stored on our servers. Make sure that you see the prompts before you exit the game or start a new stage. This is to give our servers time to save your points. Closing the game before seeing the prompts might make your points not to be stored and lead to a reset of your already accumulated points.

Send us an email at promotions@jaysoftnigeria.com if you have questions about the JaySoft Play-And-Win promo.


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