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In Balloon Fiesta 3D you are armed with a dart gun. You are to blast all those balloons floating up from holes in the ground. You are to make sure that no balloon escapes your reach and gets to the ceiling, because you lose points if you do so. You have an allotted number of balloons to shoot per stage and also an allotted number of balloons which if you let escape, will cause you to repeat the stage.

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Main features in Balloon Fiesta 3D

Here are the main features in Balloon Fiesta 3D:

Point and Shoot Gameplay. The gameplay is very simple, drag you screen to take aim at the balloons and shoot them. Watch out for the bonus balloons as they make your work easier.

3D Environment. The game takes place in a 3D environment and you are seeing the scene from a first-person view angle.

Ballon Fiesta 3D can be downloaded from Google Play, Amazon appstore or Opera Media Store

Rules for participating in our competition

1. You must download your copy of Balloon Fiesta from Google Play Store. Just open the Google Play Store icon on your phone and then search for balloonfiesta3d. Click on the result to install Balloon Fiesta to your phone. You stand the risk of being disqualified if you do not do so.

2. You must register your copy of the app. Please refer to the article below on registering your app with jaysoftnigeria.com. If the app is unregistered, our servers cannot monitore and record your scores.

3. Your internet connection must always be switched on while you play. This is to enable our servers to properly monitore your scores while you play. If you play the app without an internet connection, or your internet connection is poor, your scores will be reset and you will have to start all over again.

Registration of your app on jaysoftnigeria.com

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(Please note that your internet connection on your phone must be left on for Registration to work)

When you start up the app, on the main menu screen, look for the Register Your App button located at the top left of your screen and tap on it (see the pic).

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You will be led to an inquiry screen that asks if you've registered on jaysoftnigeria.com. Click the Yes button if you've registered on this site before or click the No button if you have not.

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If you click Yes, a form comes up requiring you to enter your email and password with which you registered on our site (see pic at your left). Just enter those details and click Login and the app will be registered against your jaysoftnigeria.com account.

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A prompt will appear on your app screen confirming that you're logged on with jaysoftnigeria.com (see pic).

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If you hit the No button, a registration module comes up requiring you to fill in your details. Simply delete what you see in those text boxes and fill in your details. After you're done, click on the Register button. If you cannot see the button, simply swipe upward on your phone screen until it appears. After you've registered, wait for the app to check and register you. You will see a prompt saying Your Registration with jaysoftnigeria.com was successful and you will be returned to the main menu screen.

Once the app is properly registered, the Register Your App button at the top left of your screen will disappear and our servers will now be able to monitore your scores and store them on jaysoftnigeria.com.

Checking cumulative scores

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Your cumulative score is a total of all the scores obtained while playing the game. If you have played and finished

the app a total of ten times, your cumulative points will be the sum total of the points obtained in all those games. To find out your cumulative score, simply tap the star button located at the bottom left part of your screen during gameplay (see pic). Your cumulative score will appear as a prompt on your screen as in the pic.

Finishing a game

If you get to the end of a game session (finish all stages), do not stop there. Quickly start a new one. The results of all games you play to the finish are stored on our servers and are totalled to form your cumulative score. You can log in to your account through your browser to see the scores of all the games you've played to the finish and the times that you finished them.

Scoring System

Your scores are stored on our servers immediately after you finish a stage.


The competition is going to be on throughout the year 2016 and the top twenty people with the highest points for every month will have the value of their cumulative points paid to them as their winnings.

The list of the top twenty earners for every month will be published on our site every month that the competition is on.

If your cumulative score is 100,000 and you are the third highest score for that month, you will get a total of N100,000 paid to you for your winnings.

All participant's scores are reset after winners have been picked. This ensures that everyone starts on a clean slate for the next month. So if you heard about our competition late, you can still participate.

Adjusting your Settings

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To adjust the turn sensitivity settings or sound volume, simply select the Settings menu found on your main menu. You will see the sliders associated with your turn sensitivity or sound volume. Adjust them to suit your preference.


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