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JaySoft Play And Win Promo

Play and Win

Download any of our four android games listed below from Google Play Store, play and you stand the chance to win the naira equivalent of the amount of points you get while playing!!

  • Ghost Buster 3D
  • Balloon Fiesta 3D
  • Naija Boxing 3D_
  • Pozzule

Backup your SIM and Reminders


Our new and nifty JaySoftSIMBackup enables you to back up all your contacts and reminders and restore them back within seconds..

  • Backs up more than 3000+ contacts
  • Backs up both SIM and phone contacts
  • Backed up content can be stored on your account

The Lizards


Talks are still on for airing our new animated comedy series titled The Lizards on national TV. Viewers are invited to participate in the JaySoft Text and Win Promo that will commence at the beginning of the airing of the series



JaySoft Global Resources is a game app and utility apps maker. We also have animated videos for viewing.

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